Marshfield Youth Hockey is the youth hockey program of Marshfield and Cohasset. We, as a program, strive to instill a love for the game of hockey in our players AND a strong sense of community in our parents and families. If a child wants to play hockey

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Marshfield Youth Hockey Gives Back
While you are out picking up gifts for your family, please consider...
Open Letter From the South Shore Conference
  Please read the following letter from the President...
Annual Fundraiser
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Marshfield Youth Hockey Concussion Policy
 Any child who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with...
Marshfield Youth Hockey Gives Back

While you are out picking up gifts for your family, please consider picking up an extra gift card to help our neighbors in need


Hello MYH family, Christmas is a tremendous time of year for giving and sharing with our broader community.  MYH has partnered with Robynne Ryan Lambert as part of her 'out reach' through Marshfield Public Schools to assist families who are in need of help this Christmas season.  The number of families in our community who need assistance is surprisingly high.  We are asking, as you shop this holiday season, to please pick up a gift card this weekend of any denomination ($10-$50) and bring it to skills on Monday night.  MYH will be manning a table to collect the gift cards and also provide you with an opportunity to purchase a ticket for our upcoming raffle fundraiser event in January!   Thank you for supporting the broader Marshfield Community.  

As a guide, Robin has told us that some of the most popular gift cards in prior years are (Target, movie theater gift cards (older kids), CVS, and Marshall's).

by posted 12/06/2019
Open Letter From the South Shore Conference


Please read the following letter from the President of the South Shore Conference.  This is a very important issue for the conference as well as Marshfield Youth Hockey.  Continue to make Marshfield proud!


USA Hockey Codes of Conduct






November 2019


I find it hard to believe and very disappointing that I have to post this letter. Unfortunately those of us that do things the right way are also included in this and are guilty by association.

Recent events over the past few weeks not only have gained the attention of this Board, but that of MassHockey and USAHockey.

I’m here to inform you that what has been deemed acceptable in society, is not acceptable nor will it be tolerated by this Conference. When a coach at an 8 and under game loses control and berates, and belittles a young referee to the point that he is “done with refereeing” and his coaching staff along with the spectators join in, this is not acceptable behavior. When a coach at a 12 and under game shouts profanity at the referees, this will not be tolerated. When a spectator tries to enter the opposing team’s bench, this will not be tolerated. 

I’m embarrassed to have to remind all of us how to conduct ourselves at a hockey rink.

Respect the opposing team and their fans. Keep comments positive and cheer your kids on!

Respect the on ice and off ice officials.

Respect the Players benches, coaches, locker rooms, and referee rooms.

Your actions, positive or negative have an incredible ripple effect. Remember not only are you representing your child, but the team, the program, and the community.

We are adults and role models and we need to start getting back to what we should be and not what we are becoming. We are Fans, not Fanatics!

When you arrive at a rink, before you open the door, take a deep breath, whatever is bothering you, leave it outside and remind yourself whatever the capacity of your role is, you are there for the children and not yourself. The same can be said for when you leave the rink, leave the game inside. Sometimes for a young youth hockey player, the hardest part of the game is the ride home. Keep it positive, don’t dwell on the negative aspects of his/her game but reinforce the upside of the game, keep the love of the game alive.

Please take a minute and read the Coaches Code of Conduct. Please read the Parents Code of Conduct.  


Joseph E Coulter


South Shore Conference


by posted 11/27/2019
Annual Fundraiser

Save the Date

by posted 10/16/2019
Marshfield Youth Hockey Concussion Policy

 Any child who exhibits signs, symptoms or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the practice or competition and must not return to practice or competition that day. Upon diagnosis of a concussion, the child shall not return to play games or practice until cleared in writing to the MYH Athletic Director by an appropriate health-care professional.

by Marshfield Youth Hockey posted 03/01/2015
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